Eucalyptus Mannifera

In taut arabesque and sterling trim you hold the light. Pointing leaves exalt your luminescence, moth-quiet, whispering “manna manna”. You show me elegance in the rain. Resilient dancers, your merry tutus sway ivory tendrils in canopy’s sunlit pantomime. And then, cocky-flung and homeless, you celebrate rebirth: the gates to soil’s womb. Written for Miz Quickly … Continue reading Eucalyptus Mannifera

Campsis Radicans

(the best place for a bee) a cathedral the ceiling incandescent tangerine webbed with translucent veins in liminal reds and oranges this cocooning space clad coolly in rubber-like sheaths opening full impetuous lips to the tossing blue here the bee's humble palace Reposted from January 12, 2021 for Miz Quickly's "Best Place" Prompt

Nature’s Art

Regard today’s plumage pigeon grey and unleashing iridescent swabs of cats-eye yellow and powder rain’s dry sweep. Behold the choral flowers singing sky echoes: magnolia goblets gulping sunset purple and photinia clouds, their beached wave like storm impending, recasting battered light. Beneath the elm tree unclung butterfly clusters swarm to earth, a coloured shadow, and … Continue reading Nature’s Art

Two Lost Souls Swimming in a Fish Bowl

(Pink Floyd - "Wish You Were Here") oil - sinewed rainbows rafted up to swirl and giggle riding high on the nausea of a fatty sea your blood’s dark swig sucked and spat your prehistoric core birds in Brylcreme slicked sick I hear them weeping yet I sleep on bubbled in glass so far away … Continue reading Two Lost Souls Swimming in a Fish Bowl