Who Hears the Crying?

When a million stars take leave from night duty and arrange themselves on Earth's blackened boughs then you know that tree cries are heard all across this universe we perceive as barren. But tomorrow, when we stand dressed in smoke, completely lost in its ebb and rolling, our asphyxiated wails will vanish quick as bio-luminescence … Continue reading Who Hears the Crying?

They Have Hearts Too

pour happy thoughts into your breakfast bowl that summer mayn't dry out hope leaving it on footpaths adrift amongst the stepping stone madness of commuter feet try looking for a moment through the spectrum of flowers petal art by vein they have hearts too open to the sun begging for bees and if they wilt … Continue reading They Have Hearts Too

On the Road to Wolfe Creek Crater

Here now sketched dark against camellia pink a washboard sky we settle into this dry creek groove flames tick and fizzle around lamb chops bums sunk in canvas foot fired and smoke eyed review the day's Boab sightings milk bottle trunks, branches in a ghost’s wail and you peeling potatoes at the border - Fruit … Continue reading On the Road to Wolfe Creek Crater