The House at No. 3

Seventeen years ago a roar engulfed the singing pines - countless breaths exhaling the needle sting of smoke. They stood in shredded funeral garb flinging glowing ember flowers onto us below. They witnessed our syncopated falling and the operatic scream of twisting steel, the cymbal crash of exploding windows. We knelt prostrate before the fire … Continue reading The House at No. 3

Good, Better, Best

This was my first ever blog post. I read it again today and thought it was worth reviving.

Out of the Cave

a spectacular Friday in early autumn. The leaves haven’t started
changing yet but the weather has softened after a very tough summer.

my parents and their dog, I wander through the walking streets, past
the shut merry-go-round and the funny metal sheep statues that buck
and run in Garema Place. We can hear the sound of the crowd ahead of
us. Somebody is tapping a microphone and making testing noises.

I expect to feel pretty at home here. My husband and I have been “doing things” about climate change for a long time. We have 7.5kw of solar panels shared the between the roofs of our house and garage. Our house is well insulated, north-facing and pretty small (by Australian standards) for a family of four. We have one fully electric car and one plug in hybrid electric. We like that a visit to a petrol station means…

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