Surprisingly I’m still the same Unable to resist sunshine in cloth, must hold it to my Nose and breathe. Sleep Leans in then and I am a child again, Gazing over my little batik sarong, its smell a Hammock for my Tiredness. In its quiet hug, I am safe. Written for dVerse Poetics. "Common Scents"

Rugby Training

Unpack horizon’s duffle of trinket light and cloud swarm - evening tumbles down among winter scrums. Chorus of men in rhapsodic echo, and porous thump, ball changes hands - a caress of lavender sky. Two dozen loves before game’s end... it’s a stretch Written for Twiglet #292 "it's a stretch"

Quadrille #156 “Wrap”

Truckie's Idyll Wrap me in kitsch this adumbral night; purple me with stars and a step-through moon. Set me to rolling milestone swift, swath-bottomed and cone-eyed, trundling beneath branches that crowd like puzzle pieces, roadside grasses breathe me in and out - feathered lungs fanfaring dreams Written for dVerse - Mish's Quadrille prompt "wrap"

#MTB dVerse “Moralising”

Holding the Sky this windward evening rests green and purple... the suppuration of cloud hearts permeates permeates grey tree skeletons and the clack clack of their shadows scything through the grass. winter dusk is perfect as a pantomime face - summer’s stolen apricots thick on her eyelids I turn to cross the road and see … Continue reading #MTB dVerse “Moralising”