school pick up

pumpernickel sky, low cut & dense grinding its heels in the carpark lights are on browsed by white teeth; the sleety rain splintering your hood, umbrella tick & charcoal puddles find traces of dry humour breathe hah hah! your hands are bloodless and burning Written for dVerse quadrille with Linda Lee Lyberg "browse"


a rush of light between buildings and everything is white or black or singed with silver like a knife’s flash or a fish’s leap and there I am age 8 and the river is weeping while trout heave and thrash on death lines under a quiet sun Written for Twiglet # 281 "quiet sun"

a failure in optimism

(hopefully brief) we are all but sharks in the planet’s glowing tides snapping at spilled blood and exhausted by a need to grow teeth some days a deep breath means looking up... missing keystones and folded tower-blades, all in the seven greys of a dead fish, clouds raked into piles and societies bent low, as … Continue reading a failure in optimism

World of Words

Twiglet #275 beached words: silver grain or threaded weed, fishy skeletons of age-old rules, evolution’s suck and stench that’s English frisbee words, handled with a strong wrist flat and placid, good for skimming. silver flick and thrumming rings that’s English pop-up shop words, noisy arcade or neon words, big-headed pushy words, elbowing to the front … Continue reading World of Words