World of Words

Twiglet #275 beached words: silver grain or threaded weed, fishy skeletons of age-old rules, evolution’s suck and stench that’s English frisbee words, handled with a strong wrist flat and placid, good for skimming. silver flick and thrumming rings that’s English pop-up shop words, noisy arcade or neon words, big-headed pushy words, elbowing to the front … Continue reading World of Words

Fall into Winter (Canberra – Australia)

Written for Sonnet Sunday - Prompt by Experiments in Fiction I don’t fall into winter, not like the dead leaves, but charge in, daubed cheeks and white breath; eager mornings tugging aside curtains’ sheaves to see the silvering frost-blanket the night has left. I don’t fall into winter, wishing for some brakes holding arms in … Continue reading Fall into Winter (Canberra – Australia)