Dear Blogger Friends, Today I received word that Picaro Press (an offshoot of Ginninderra Press in South Australia) have agreed to publish a chapbook of 24 of my poems. It is themed around my year of cancer treatment and the loss of my friend to cancer. I am so excited that they have agreed to … Continue reading News

Still Life with Night Sky

(i) the moon with patina of mushroom skin premieres in a stodgy sky she’s shrouded in the feathers of candles’ breezy death. (ii) imagine if one galaxy were a grapefruit: dimpled skin and the mirrored arching through soft amber caverns what colour is the sun? (iii) a pomegranate between the flesh-white stars disguises itself as … Continue reading Still Life with Night Sky

Sunday with Dogs

Three men in baseball caps on Sunday’s oval: this sublime morning (like Vivaldi’s violins) elongates their shadow legs while the leashes of the three small dogs tangle calves in random wind until grown men must hop and wobble. Spring’s tickling breeze, its infinite busy fingers, plucks browned blossoms and drops them butterfly flitting to ground … Continue reading Sunday with Dogs

Campsis Radicans

(the best place for a bee) a cathedral the ceiling incandescent tangerine webbed with translucent veins in liminal reds and oranges this cocooning space clad coolly in rubber-like sheaths opening full impetuous lips to the tossing blue here the bee's humble palace Reposted from January 12, 2021 for Miz Quickly's "Best Place" Prompt

Nature’s Art

Regard today’s plumage pigeon grey and unleashing iridescent swabs of cats-eye yellow and powder rain’s dry sweep. Behold the choral flowers singing sky echoes: magnolia goblets gulping sunset purple and photinia clouds, their beached wave like storm impending, recasting battered light. Beneath the elm tree unclung butterfly clusters swarm to earth, a coloured shadow, and … Continue reading Nature’s Art

Abstraction #Miz Quickly

Written for Miz Quickly's October 3 Prompt (Sadistic Laughter from the Rabbit) composition 1 this door, with nose and eyes slams silently, and her the letterbox with silent space for communication; her need drips off him, the puddle staining the carpet around his chair composition 2 banana slices in her breakfast the round soft shock … Continue reading Abstraction #Miz Quickly

The Place We Live

The sun sits in leaky splendour; watermelon juice staining this upholstery this smog brown décor this Faberge sunset this velveteen smoke haze. A cloying choice but here we all sit in our plush living room our shrine of consecrated ignorance and listen to the clock and the crackle roar of our future. Written for Misky's … Continue reading The Place We Live

Who Hears the Crying?

When a million stars take leave from night duty and arrange themselves on Earth's blackened boughs then you know that tree cries are heard all across this universe we perceive as barren. But tomorrow, when we stand dressed in smoke, completely lost in its ebb and rolling, our asphyxiated wails will vanish quick as bio-luminescence … Continue reading Who Hears the Crying?

On the Road to Wolfe Creek Crater

Here now sketched dark against camellia pink a washboard sky we settle into this dry creek groove flames tick and fizzle around lamb chops bums sunk in canvas foot fired and smoke eyed review the day's Boab sightings milk bottle trunks, branches in a ghost’s wail and you peeling potatoes at the border - Fruit … Continue reading On the Road to Wolfe Creek Crater


borrowing some language from "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll Wheel on, Earth! This grinning orbit, lopsided axle bolted to time’s effortless wheeze - each season, a childhood of delicate unfurling. A quarter is in the rest of shadows ..digging holes for themselves; uncleaving from the brunt of sun’s inevitable eye. But sleep must crash open. Winter’s … Continue reading Seasons