Australia’s Summer

I cannot forget your steely-white glare; the too-hot press of you against my skin. My body contracted until cracks appeared. Plants wilted, waterholes sucked in and my body fissured abandoned to exuberant wind and the angry roar of carbon-crazed dragons. The smoke rolled over us all like hell's too-slow envoy. Before it, a syndicate of … Continue reading Australia’s Summer

Comparing Steps

Have you heard of Lawrence Lessig? He's articulate and brainy. He embraces big ideas in tiny shells like pistachios and his audiences clap and cheer. Have you heard of Greta Thunberg? She's small and shy-looking but with anger like a burning stick and surprisingly fearless. Her audiences are often in trouble. Have you heard of … Continue reading Comparing Steps

PM Quietly Goes Postal on CEO

Four glittering Cartier watch faces, keeping the time in executive spaces, handed by Holgate to high-flying wanglers who did a good deal and wrangled the bankers. $20,000 of wrist-wrapping bling to ensure these fine workers continue their thing. She came from big business where bonuses are blousy, not in the service where gifts mark you … Continue reading PM Quietly Goes Postal on CEO

Tomorrow… in The House on The Hill

A gaseous cloud balloons above the rows of flagpoles whose stays clang ominously in a wing-fed breeze. The sky domes expectantly - a pregnant pause. A change is coming. Thunder barrel-rolls the valley floor. Cockatoos screech - a thousand of them wheeling in and encircling the house. In The House, in the sumptuously upholstered room … Continue reading Tomorrow… in The House on The Hill