bubble burst

written for The Sunday Muse #252 every child’s face is held in a single bubble eager with destruction innocent, but true enough we rip globes from ribbed plastic to whet their clapping hands detergent like an oil slick in the grass so young for planet stomping it’s like we’re raised to it

urban sprawl

written for Mish's dVerse quadrille "shift" gravel roses in the carpark the laying of rocks and rubber from the bus stop, a feral pack of eyes opaque as tinted windows drill the day heat shifts – like nests of tunnelling ants - and ticklish gum leaves make way for the sun

on the road

written for dVerse - Quadrille Monday "Gasp" the grey ute bares a bumper sticker grin “no air bags - we die like real men” from the driver’s window tiny glowing cinders dice with whitewashed air a gasp of turbulence yellow grass snaps its flags we hold our breath for fire season

I can’t remember what I called it. 🤣

Written for VV Anthology. If you intend to submit and haven't yet, look away now! 🙂 ladies’ luncheon: shell crack and finger suck strong red nippers powerless among these white bones, nail crescents gleaming each watches the others lips crustacean shiny pursed to kiss foreign flesh and pale throats like larks the rise and fall … Continue reading I can’t remember what I called it. 🤣