Wish on the tears of clouds…

Earth wipes a tear from the soft white cheek of a cumulus cloud - careful now and into her vial - these appropriated raindrops to be saved for the protesters their fruitless garden of raised fists. May they grow (she says) plentiful as dandelions - until their explosion into wind-blown stars grits the eyes of … Continue reading Wish on the tears of clouds…

Good, Better, Best

This was my first ever blog post. I read it again today and thought it was worth reviving.

Out of the Cave

a spectacular Friday in early autumn. The leaves haven’t started
changing yet but the weather has softened after a very tough summer.

my parents and their dog, I wander through the walking streets, past
the shut merry-go-round and the funny metal sheep statues that buck
and run in Garema Place. We can hear the sound of the crowd ahead of
us. Somebody is tapping a microphone and making testing noises.

I expect to feel pretty at home here. My husband and I have been “doing things” about climate change for a long time. We have 7.5kw of solar panels shared the between the roofs of our house and garage. Our house is well insulated, north-facing and pretty small (by Australian standards) for a family of four. We have one fully electric car and one plug in hybrid electric. We like that a visit to a petrol station means…

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