stand gently here, my friend breathe listen after the storm two bottles, half empty produce a haunting song making harmonies like telephones lines tinselled with dripping light they're not entwined like lover trees but see them bathe taking on evening and sky's renaissance purple Written for Mish's dVerse Quadrille #142 (include the word tinsel)

Extinction Rebellion

crude wooden tripods stand tethered human pendulums swinging amongst fumes and fuming damming politicians and incandescent commuters damming the city’s arteries a timely attack the heart on the hill* bloodless while the body rages taut fists enacting death throes of a planet in need *Australia's Parliament House is commonly referred to as "the house on … Continue reading Extinction Rebellion

August – Haibun Monday

August follows from a grey and fearful July – the closed hatch of cities in lock-down. Concrete and buildings hunkered under shifty, flannelette skies. The grime of recycled messages from haggard, mesh-faced leaders. Closed front doors, a stultifying blank. Resentment breeds as fast as the virus itself. Different areas, different rules. Anger like pavement cracks … Continue reading August – Haibun Monday

Waiting Rooms

the smudge of time insouciant minutes like sentences missing punctuation the run or the muddle therein whittle time like a pencil tip watch grey curls fall littering white paper finger on pause I’m here until called a smudge of time insouciant minutes like sentences Written for dVerse Quadrille #130 include the word smudge

Eternal Gardener

dear moon, your full & timeless clock face lumbers sweetly to sky's zenith nightly to be clipped by nature's secateurs until in quiet arc you let blackness paint your trail. but such brief concession! re-seeding bravely unshyly reigniting unfurling, centripetal your stubborn orbit unmaimed Written for dVerse's Quadrille #127 Planting Seeds