NaPoWriMo #2

Image by Eric Thake Of Shadows Legs as strings afraid our shadows will escape, deep into the leeward grass. A sketch pro- tracted: protuberant tums, fence post melds with tails, sloppy dribble of a grazing nose and butts saying “mwah” in the long wink of afternoon.

kowtow to the sky

Image by Miranda Grant from it’s familiar but not quite this unhurried swirl, this white sun-sea vaulted & vermilion pageantry - rings & rings of shimmering lifted bones from Earth's beaten chest, tones of the red red road listing candle-bitten & tapering to ever. old gods with their blistering sight tilt blind, reaching trees … Continue reading kowtow to the sky

thinking of fish

Winter Landscape with Skaters and Bird TrapBy Pieter Breughel the Younger -, Public Domain, jack daws beep and chatter knowing our insignificant flying the feeble flags of scarves in noon's fish-eyed pallor the houses stand starched snow hats white as boiled lollies dimly reflected in jaundiced ice underneath I’m conscious fish are watching … Continue reading thinking of fish


Fay Collins "Sunset and Squally Showers, Connemara" The falling shale of a thunderbolt’s bellow cracked wide sun’s yolk a glow like breath of dragons emanated permeating sky's shelfless larder cloud syrup skein on skein perspiring down toward pigmented sea and granite blade and the steaming gratification of rainfall Written for Sarah's dVerse Poetics - Fay … Continue reading Beginning