And They Wrote the World

It is no lie that the scrunched fists and inexpert fingers which carved shapes respresenting language, wrought the shapes from privilege causing materials and education to come at a price beyond the common hut dweller. Secrets and power, bore out, stamped and sealed with gold kept for selected audiences. They took their blocks and then … Continue reading And They Wrote the World

Waiting Rooms

the smudge of time insouciant minutes like sentences missing punctuation the run or the muddle therein whittle time like a pencil tip watch grey curls fall littering white paper finger on pause I’m here until called a smudge of time insouciant minutes like sentences Written for dVerse Quadrille #130 include the word smudge

Letter to the Editor from Earth

you have the Darwin awards that you wily survivors may feel better about yourselves clothed like irony in the intelligence of your decisions. oh sad species unclip yourself from false reflections and wash, nay scrub, clean my air of your putrid carbon abuse. run your tea strainers through my oceans like lice combs through the … Continue reading Letter to the Editor from Earth