school pick up

pumpernickel sky, low cut & dense grinding its heels in the carpark lights are on browsed by white teeth; the sleety rain splintering your hood, umbrella tick & charcoal puddles find traces of dry humour breathe hah hah! your hands are bloodless and burning Written for dVerse quadrille with Linda Lee Lyberg "browse"


a rush of light between buildings and everything is white or black or singed with silver like a knife’s flash or a fish’s leap and there I am age 8 and the river is weeping while trout heave and thrash on death lines under a quiet sun Written for Twiglet # 281 "quiet sun"

Mother’s Kiss

boundaries are boundaries are where we meet two skins' soft encounter warm shower soap fingers grasp at your effortless love & tarried jam the hope of sleep Malcolm T Liepke “A Mother’s Kiss”  Written for "Petite Pen" hosted by K. Hartless at Yard Sale of Thoughts

Birthday Party

A flower of bread brown rolls risen against each other, wooden petals of the deodar And on the stove four glistening pots huddle winter soup's quiet breath Wedges of cheese, yellow and thick the talk over sticky date pudding clustered verbs and violets