Quadrille #156 “Wrap”

Truckie's Idyll Wrap me in kitsch this adumbral night; purple me with stars and a step-through moon. Set me to rolling milestone swift, swath-bottomed and cone-eyed, trundling beneath branches that crowd like puzzle pieces, roadside grasses breathe me in and out - feathered lungs fanfaring dreams Written for dVerse - Mish's Quadrille prompt "wrap"

school pick up

pumpernickel sky, low cut & dense grinding its heels in the carpark lights are on browsed by white teeth; the sleety rain splintering your hood, umbrella tick & charcoal puddles find traces of dry humour breathe hah hah! your hands are bloodless and burning Written for dVerse quadrille with Linda Lee Lyberg "browse"

Harvest Festival

Two hundred voices tuned to violins and wooden pipes. Kids wreathed in foliage sing songs of bees and royal peacock blooms crest heads. Crowns of cardboard glint - browns and golds meld among straw-bales and we pause in exquisite thought of tiny creatures noticing the seasons Written for dVerse Quadrille 'Tis the Season


stand gently here, my friend breathe listen after the storm two bottles, half empty produce a haunting song making harmonies like telephones lines tinselled with dripping light they're not entwined like lover trees but see them bathe taking on evening and sky's renaissance purple Written for Mish's dVerse Quadrille #142 (include the word tinsel)

Eternal Gardener

dear moon, your full & timeless clock face lumbers sweetly to sky's zenith nightly to be clipped by nature's secateurs until in quiet arc you let blackness paint your trail. but such brief concession! re-seeding bravely unshyly reigniting unfurling, centripetal your stubborn orbit unmaimed Written for dVerse's Quadrille #127 Planting Seeds

Pet Peeves

Warning: This may have 44 words but calling it a Quadrille is somewhat pretentious. I don’t get: 1) people putting biodegradable dog turds into plastic and into landfill! 2) vets saying dogs shouldn’t eat bones (Isn’t that anti-evolution?) 3) the dog breeder promoting tinned food over delicious home cooked stew. It’s just bothersome companies looking … Continue reading Pet Peeves