Different Century, Same…?

the Romans feathered helmets erect learned the sterility of war their Empire's wondrous landmarks became punctuation in history's soil their roads crossed continents in massive webs their confidence still glimmers in ancient armour and upturned pillars but now, we're in dress-rehearsal writing history our age split asunder by tablets lit with green-glowing back-turned candles - … Continue reading Different Century, Same…?

Scene Sprung from a List of Words

It’s Friday evening and the masculine sky is built thick with steroidal clouds muscling out the tops of awed sky-scrapers. Contrasting snow like cherry blossoms chases the piquant wind while umbrellas like bent and splendid crepes admit colour in splashes as commuters battle through the park. Two girls, gripping insecure scarves attempt to exhume a … Continue reading Scene Sprung from a List of Words